Glarry GV302 Violin 4/4 spruce panels jujube fittings Dark Dumb Light

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Glarry GV302 Violin is well crafted from spruce panels and maple backs and sides, that have been dried for more than 5 years. It uses non-deformable jujube fittings, including jujube pegs, jujube Tailpiec and jujube chin rest. Don't hesitate! It is well worth buying!


1. Spruce top with solid maple back & sides for beginners

2. Jujube fittings that do not deform easily

3. Alloy tailpiece with 4 integrated fine tuners

4. The size of 4/4 is suitable for people over 145cm in height

5. Free Case, Rosin, Strings, Shoulder Rest, Electronic tuner

6. The inside of The case is very soft to protect The violin


1. Brand:Glarry 

2. Style:GV302

3. Violin Color: Dark Dumb Light

4. Face Material: Spruce

5. Back Material: Maple

6. Side Material: Maple

7. Scroll and neck Material:Maple

8. Tuning Peg Material: Jujube

9. Fingerboard Material: Ebony

10. Tailpiec Material: Jujube 

11. Chin Rest Material: Jujube 

12. End Pin Material: Jujube 

13. Violin Bow Material: Arbor

14. Violin Bridge Material: Maple

15. String Material: Steel String

16. Arm Length: Above 60cm

17. Age: Above 11 Years Old

18. Violin Length: 60cm

19. Bow Length:  29.2" / 74.2 cm

20. Violin Dimensions: (23.6 x 8.3 x 1.4)"/(60 x 21 x 3.6)cm

21. Case Dimensions: (31.5 x 10.2 x 4.7)"/(80 x 26 x 12)cm

22. Violin Net Weight: 1.0lbs / 0.45kg

Package Includes:

1 x Violin

1 x Case

1 x Bow

1 x Rosin  

4 x Strings

1 x Shoulder Rest  

1 x Electronic Tuner


1. Please check whether the accessories are missing after you receive the product

2. Violin products require you to install the Bridge, adjust the Bow, and apply Rosin on the Bow.If you do not know how to operate these, please do not worry that we have the configuration manual, or you can ask the customer service personnel for the video link