Electric Guitar Owner's Manual and Maintain

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Do you fall in love with this Glarry Gst Rosewood Fingerboard Left Hand Electric Guitar Bag Strap Paddle Rocker Cable Wrench Tool? We offer this electric guitar for its perfect performance, stylish appearance as well as its reasonable price. This guitar looks more charming and unique than others. With humanized design and high quality, it is durable to use. What is more, the standard tone from this guitar gives you wonderful audio experience. Featuring comfortable hand feeling and melodious tone quality, this electric guitar will be your regretless choice!

1. Comfortable hand feeling, stylish outlook, stable performance and melodious sound
2. A perfect solution for beginners who want to learn to play guitar
3. An addicting instrument that can be taken everywhere
4. This electric guitar throws in incredible value to quickly become a guitar that grabs your attention
5. It has a silky balance to the tone that supports vocals beautifully
6. Best choice for yourself or as a gift for your dear friends
7. It comes with power cord, guitar bag, shoulder strap and plectrum etc

1.Brand: Glarry
2.Style: GST-E
3.Color: Green
4. Orientation: Left Handed
5. Number of Frets: 22
6. Nut Width: 1.656 in. (42 mm)
7. Scale Length: 25.5
8. Number of Strings: 6
9.Pickups: Single-Single-Single
10.Controls: 5-switch, 1 x Volume, 2 x Tone
11.Guitar Bridge System:Tremolo
12. Body Material: Basswood
13. Neck Material: Maple
14. Fingerboard Material: Maple
15. Tuning Peg Material: Metal
16. Nut Material: Plastic
17. String Winder Peg Tool: Enclosed Machine Head
18. Guitar Dimensions: (39.37 x 12.99 x 2.36) / (100x 33 x 6)cm (L x W x H)
19. Guitar Weight: 123.45oz / 3500g

Package Includes:
1 x Guitar
1 x Guitar Bag

Electric Guitar Owner's Manual and Maintain

When you first get your Electric guitar, don’t be alarmed if the playing action is no

longer set to exact factory specs. The Electric guitar is solidly built with the best

materials and craftsmanship. instruments made of wood, your may have

experienced moderate changes brought about by exposure to different

temperatures and humidity levels.

The exact condition of the playing action can be affected by:

  • Amount of time between final assembly and shipping from Factory.
  • Amount of time between shipping from Fender and arrival at shipping


  • Climate conditions during transportation.
  • Climate conditions at shipping destination.

Take extra care to prevent exposure to sudden changes in temperature and

humidity When you receive the guitar. Avoid direct, extended exposure to: •




Air Conditioners

Getting Started

You must assemble and tune your new Guitars prior to playing. Guitars are delicate

instruments and can be damaged easily. Handle with care. If you have a Guitar

instructor we recommend you see him or her to assist you with assembling,

cleaning and tuning your instrument for the first time.

Electric Guitar Set Up


The following factory specifications are median specs and are meant only as

guidelines. They should not be taken as hard-and-fast rules. If you prefer slightly

higher or lower action, adjust it as you like, but please be aware that higher action

will make the instrument physically more difficult to play, while lower action may

result in excessive fret buzz, depending on your technique or playing style.

To put your guitar in top playing shape, follow the five steps presented here.

First, you’ll need the right tools:

  • Set of automotive feeler gauges (.002-.025)
  • 6” ruler (with 1/64” increments) and tape measure
  • Set of Allen wrenches
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Electronic tuner
  • Wire cutters
  • String winder
  • Light machine oil (3-in-1, model train or gun oil)
  • Polish and cloth
  • Capo

Changing Strings

A fresh set of strings can breathe new life into your bass, and something as simple

as how you wind the strings onto the tuning machine posts when changing your

strings, will determine tuning stability and string tension. It’s also a good idea to

stretch your strings a little as you tune to make sure that each string is seated well

and snugged down on the tuning machine post. This will save you some tuning

frustration down the road. Just grab the string in the middle, lightly tug it up and

down to remove slack, and then retune.

Another ways to do it depending on glarrymusic.com How to Replace Strings of

Electric Guitar by FAQ center